LZorro Studios


Other Interests / Activities

University of Massachusetts Minuteman Marching Band

  • Participated in the band while at UMass from 1996 – 2000. Marched and played clarinet.
  • Member of Field Staff, 1998 – 2000. Duties included teaching proper marching technique to rookies during Band Camp, distribution of music and drill charts to section, and organization of sectional rehearsals.
  • Bus Parent, 1999 – 2000.
  • Creator and webmaster of the Clarinet Section webpage, 1996.
  • Notable accomplishments:
    • Performed for President Bill Clinton at a Democratic Party rally in Springfield, MA, October 1996.
    • During this time, the UMMB won the prestigious Sudler Trophy (1998).
    • Performed at the 1998 NCAA Division I-AA National Championship football game (and even appeared on ESPN!)
    • Marched in the Presidential Inaugural Parade, 2001.

WPI Game Development Club

  • Participated in a couple game jams and other events.

Boston Game Jams

  • 2010 Immigration Jam
  • 2010 HTML5 Tools Jam
  • 2012 Boston Festival of Indie Games Jam

Boston Festival of Indie Games

  • 2012: Curator – reviewed several game submissions and selected a few for entry into the festival.

Alternate Delusions

  • A hobby of mine some time ago was making webcomics. Here’s one that I had done for over 6 years. I'm still attempting to draw occasionally and improve.


Once a week I head out to a comic store to play games with friends. Mainly I play Heroclix, a collectible miniatures strategy game involving comic book superheroes and villains. If you live in the Southern Massachusetts/Rhode Island area and are interesting in playing, I suggest Friendly Neighborhood Comics in Bellingham, MA. Here in the Pacific Northwest I can be found at Dice Age Games in Vancouver, WA. Some other collectible games I've played include Pirates of the Cursed Seas, Star Wars Miniatures, and Magic: the Gathering.

I also play board games whenever I can. My favorites include Dominion, Puerto Rico, and more of the modern board games that include little wooden pieces.

I've been getting more into Dungeons & Dragons.

My personal taste in videogames leans toward puzzle games, especially casual games, and platformers. Often, I check out JayIsGames.com, especially the "escape the room" genre.
I'm getting into live streaming and Let's Play videos. Check out my latest videos at my Twitch channel or the archives on my YouTube page.

Some of my all-time favorite videogame series include Sonic the Hedgehog, Jak and Daxter, and Rachet and Clank.

High School

I attended Tantasqua Regional High School in Sturbridge, MA, class of 1996. Upon graduation I received the Perfect Attendance Award and the Band Director's Award.

I started learning C in my free time, though unfortunately my programs have been lost over the years (or else I’d show them to you). Some programs I wrote:

  • Christmas carol sing-along program, where the lyrics were highlighted by syllable in time to the "music" (the duration and frequency of the notes played over the system speaker, which I entered into separate files by hand, so in hindsight it was probably out of tune), and included a dynamically created list of said music files by reading the file directory.
  • a fighting "brawler" game, like Street Fighter, that drew the characters very inefficiently via screen paint commands.
  • a "Chutes & Ladders" clone
  • a couple different RPG/adventure games

I also created some custom levels/games for the game ZZT, so I think it’s fair for me to say I’ve had some experience in game modding and object-oriented programming from an early age.

Why "LZorro"?

LZorro is my Internet handle, and dates back to a username I chose back in high school for the mainframe we used in computer class (yes, that’s right, a mainframe). It’s short for "el zorro", which is Spanish for "the fox" – dropping the "e" to make it look cool. I chose Spanish because 1) that's the language I studied in high school, and 2) I didn't quite like the French "renard". But, I didn't want to get confused with the classic hero Zorro, and I didn't want people to get a negative connotation from the translation of "a fox" – "UnZorro". So I opted for the definite article "the" instead, as most Spanish nouns are described that way.

But why "fox"? Because the word "fox" in Italian is "volpe".

Other Links

www.andyvolpe.com – my brother’s website. He’s a historical reenacter and artist.

Comic Genesis – free webcomic hosting

www.eztechgroup.com – provides hosting for this website

Boston Postmortem - the Boston chapter of the IGDA

Boston Indies – an off-shoot of Boston Postmortem, focusing on independent game developers

Boston Unity Group – a local organization to promote and share their development in the Unity game engine

PIGSquad – the Portland, OR local indie game community

Pixel Arts Game Education

Rose City Games

Faun Lily Studios

Stumptown Gamecrafters' Guild

more as I think of them