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Heroclix™ Line of Fire Tool

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To select a map, click the Load Map button.

The dropdown list shows all of the maps currently available. You can filter the maps:

  • by Default (sets are ordered chronologically by release) or alphabetically
  • by Universe: Marvel, DC, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, or Other
  • by Modern Age (recent maps from tournament-legal sets) or Golden Age (all maps)
  • by whether a map is indoor or outdoor (or both)
  • by map size: 16x24 (2'x3'), 24x24 (3'x3'), or 9x16 squares

Selecting a map will display how much of that map is comprised of certain terrain types:
Hindering, Blocking, Wall segments, Elevated, Water, Special, or Indoor.

Clicking the header buttons will resort the map list in descending order of the amount of terrain selected.

Click the Map Info button to display information about the map, including the aforementioned terrain breakdown and special rules (if applicable).

Other features once you have loaded a map:

  • Purple squares designate starting areas.
  • Dashed red lines indicate stairs.
  • Higher elevations are shown in progressively darker shades of red.

To draw a line of fire, click the Select Points button.

Select the coordinates of the attacker and the target using the dropdown boxes, then click the LINE button.
All squares that the line of fire passes through are displayed and shown on the grid in red.
If a line of fire passes through an intersection of squares, the pair of squares opposite the line of fire (used for determining the final outcome) are displayed in pink and shown in the list as a bracketed pair.
The final outcome of the line of fire is displayed.
You can turn off the line of fire by clicking the RESET button. You also have the option to display gridlines, or the coodinates of each square.