Heroclix Line of Fire tool
v 1.2 beta
written by Tim Volpe

v1.2 Newest Features:
Latest maps added: (5/20/16) 2 (more) maps added from Uncanny X-Men.

Master Map list updated for the set rotation on July 1, 2016.

Planned features (possibly):
  • UI refactor, especially so we keep the map visible at all times
  • Responsive web design for mobile browsers
  • Be able to select attacker/target squares by tapping the map
  • Color-blind option (can we use different fills? Better colors?)
  • Display Map Sizes in Load Map (?) - even better, map preview images!
  • Line drawn on the grid
  • Put elevation markers on the map
  • Put other symbols on the map (eg. Helicarrier arrows)
  • Text Filter for map index - ideally I'd like to be able to apply a jQuery Mobile filter to a select of a size greater than 1.
  • Click the grid to set objects or terrain markers
  • Click the grid to set characters - including rules for Great Size

Special thanks to eMouse and the HCRealms community, particularly for the HeroClix Atlas.