Student Project

Ranachura the Woodland Warrior

Download the game here (3.6MB, ZIP, Windows)

Final project for WPI IMGD 1001 A07: The Game Development Process.

Ranachura is a standard platformer game with side-scrolling shooter elements. The player takes on the role of Ranachura, a ninja frog out to protect his friends and family from the evil Ninja Masters. The game was inspired by classic games such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man.

The game won Best Overall, Most Fun, Best Tech, Audience Choice and a $500,000 pretend investment out of a $1 million pool, as judged by a panel of faculty and industry professionals.

The game was created using YoYoGames' Game Maker. I worked mostly on the platforming functionality of Ranachura, including jumping, swimming, collecting items and using weapons.

Due to the limited schedule we had, we could not build the game we had envisioned. This serves more as a single level/vertical slice, a taste of what we had planned, which admittedly was probably a bit more than a freshman-level course could afford.