Other Projects

Pixel Arts Game Education student projects

My Pixel Arts Scratch studio

Starting in 2016, Pixel Arts has been running their program in coordination with the Portland Public School system as part of the 7th Grade Career Tech Exploration. One of our activities is for the class of students to design a game together, and I've taken it upon myself to recreate that game using the tools the students use. I've curated those projects here.

Other Scratch projects

LZorro Studios Scratch studio

Of course, when working with Scratch so much, I've explored what more I can do with it. Included in this studio are rough prototypes I've made from previous PIGSquad Half Jams (where the goal is for a team to create only a game design over the course of 6 hours or so).

OpenSesame Dining Etiquette VR Course prototype

My first dive into Virtual Reality development. OpenSesame had a side project to try and offer the ability to host a VR course on their website. The basic game prototype had already been done, and I was brought in to improve the art assets, make the game compatible with both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, and to make the game runnable on a web browser.

ATW (working title) - game prototype

September 2015: I was commissioned by someone to develop a prototype of a game design of theirs. It was for a mobile game built in Unity, a sci-fi strategy game using a dropdown piece-clearing puzzle mechanic. I'm sorry to say I don't know if the designer opted to develop the project further.


Project paper

My Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP) for WPI.

WPEye.net is an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) designed for WPI Admissions. The goal of the game is to explore alternate forms of advertisement by engaging high school students interested in attending WPI in an interactive fiction. We also wanted to try a different kind of story not yet fully explored in ARGs, namely romantic comedies. The premise of the game is a student-run website providing an inside look at daily life at WPI, but one student, having a crush on a fellow female student, decided to impress her by challenging her friends in competitions, with the help of the players.

I acted as producer for this project, organizing team meetings and making sure content deadlines were met. I also helped with puzzle design and writing the story.

SpecOps Infiltration: ON ICE!

Design Document

The Prototype - use the arrow keys to slide, and click the mouse to use the grappling hook.

A prototype of a game, designed in the WPI B09 IMGD Master Class about Experimental Game Design, as taught by Ichiro Lambe of Dejobaan Games.

Since this was a class on game design, all we really have is a simple design document and a bare-bones prototype (as written in Flash by my partner Skyler Clark). The game is about a Solid Snake-like character who has to infiltrate the enemy complex in a remote frozen wasteland. He's equipped with ice skates and a grappling hook, which he can use to augment his movement as well as grab and fling nearby enemies.