Hi-res video (213MB MOV)

Final project for CMPSCI 551: 3D Animation and Digital Editing (UMass, Fall 2000)

This was something of a sequel to a previous class project, where a pair of sheep find themselves in the possession of an alien spaceship, and go for a joyride through the galaxy. In this story, the two sheep BoBo and BooBoo find themselves stranded on a distant planet and find their way home with the help of the resident alien sheep, who believe them to be their god-like saviors.

Modeling and animation was done with MetaCreations Infini-D, special effects were done with Adobe After Effects, and editing with Adobe Premiere. I worked on a little modeling (the sheep's communicator and other assorted objects), some of the animations (some parts of the montage scene at the 9:32 mark, and when the sheep return home, starting at the 12:41 mark) and in special effects (in particular I designed the "wormhole effect" and the God-sheep call).