Student Project


Barricade website

Final project for WPI IMGD 3500 C09: Artistic Game Development I

Barricade is a cross between survival horror and tower defense. The inspiration comes from the fact that no normal person would have access to the arsenal of weapons typically found in zombie apocalypse games. The goal is to use benches, kiosks, etc. to construct barricades to keep the zombies (and gremlins, salesmen, and Girl Scouts) at bay, until help can arrive. The player can also use items to make traps, such as electrified doors and Molotov cocktails, should the horde get too close to your fellow refugees.

I designed and created all of the character models and animations, which in turn somewhat set the art style as a whole. I also drew the game splash screen, as seen here on the left.

Barricade earned a fake $300,000 investment and was awarded Most Novel, Best Sound and Best Sound (audience), as judged by a panel of industry professionals.