Androcles and the Lion

Hi-res video (173MB AVI)

Humanities Sufficiency Project for WPI HU 3910 A08: Humanities Practicum: Animated Short Film.

The theme for our project was Myths and Folklore, and I chose one of Aesop's fables, "Androcles and the Lion" (or sometimes, "The Slave and the Lion"). In it, Androcles escapes from his master, only to wind up in the company of a lion. The lion has a painful thorn in its paw which Androcles removes. The lion is grateful, but soon they are captured. The Emperor sends Androcles to the arena to be eaten by lions. But as it turns out, then lion sent after him is the one he saved! The lion protects Androcles, and the Emperor has no choice but to let them both free.

I completed this entire project myself, including adapting the story, texturing with Adobe Photoshop, modeling and animation with Autodesk Maya, and editing with Adobe Premiere Elements.