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Beware the battle-ready luck tree.

Tech Members:            Kirk Lanciani and James Thompson

Art Members:              Sam Bailey, Tim Volpe, and David Corliss

This site will be used to keep track of our progress on our IMGD 3000/3500 project:  Barricade.

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What is Barricade?

            In short, it’s a game that’s a cross between survival horror and tower defense, with a humorous slant, in a 3D first-person perspective.

In this game, the player assumes the role of an average person beset on all sides by hordes of every imaginable type. Zombies, girl scouts, religious fanatics, door-to-door salesmen and more launch an assault on the player, who doesn’t have access to the kinds of weapons that the typical action hero uses to battle off such creatures. Instead, the player must make use of common items in the environment to barricade the entrances, keeping the hordes out until help arrives to be rid of them. As the game progresses, the different types of enemies will arrive, with different skills to circumvent the player’s obstacles. While barriers are the easiest to erect, the player can also gather components to build traps to kill off some of the attackers, although traps are far more intricate and the pieces are far less common.

This page will be expanded as the project continues, reporting our progress.

Latest News

03 / 13 / 09 – I’ve uploaded a short video of the finished game onto YouTube.

03 / 10 / 09 – Version 1.1 of Barricade has been posted to the Downloads page.  This update includes some issues with the game crashing upon exit, adding a credits screen, and other minor tweaks.

03 / 06 / 09 – A downloadable version of the game is up on the Downloads page!  This is how the game was submitted at the end of the project, in March of 2009.  And if you haven’t seen it already, look for the animation reel up on the Screenshots page.  The presentation for this game went very well…Barricade earned a $300,000 “investment” from a panel of judges from the game industry.


Last modified:  March 13, 2009